Useful Rubber Mulch: Best For Playground

Mulching is a technique of protecting the top soil and covering the soil with organic materials. The organic material that has been laid on the soil helps plants grow. Mulch forms a covering on the top soil it thus prevents the top soil from eroding off and also helps in retaining the proper nutrients. One such type of mulching is rubber mulching. It is mainly used in gardens and in landscaping and is made of 100% recycled rubber. Rubber mulch is generally made of waste tire buffing or with the help of nuggets of rubber from old and used tires. The USP of this form of mulch is that it is hundred percent eco-friendly.

Reports suggest that almost all types of tires can be used to build rubber mulch for play grounds. The nuggets and tires range from ten to thirty two millimeters. There are several advantages of rubber mulching. Rubber mulching prevents the soil from getting much heated and insulates the soil by lowering the temperature of the soil by two to three degrees. It also prevents the soil from getting clogged. As the rubber mulch has several gaps in it therefore it lets the rain water seep through the soil and lets the rain water percolate and reach the water table. It also prevents fungus and plant growth in the soil. Thus rubber mulch is a first choice for making a suitable platform for the installation of playground equipment Australia as it provides the required additional springy quality which prevents children from getting hurt.

Rubber mulch is also seen as a safer type of mulch and has a higher sale ratio compared t its contemporaries. It can be a safe and alternative to the much used wood mulch as it reduces global and regional carbon footprint by reusing and recycling the materials which would have otherwise turned into landfills. So this technique is worth a try.

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