Unlocked Features When you Crack a PSP

Once you’ve figured out how to crack PSP, you probably want to know all the cool things you can do with it. This post will cover all of that.

The first thing you will be able to do with an unlocked PSP is play emulators. These are games from other consoles such as Sega Genesis, SNES, Original Nintendo, and a whole bunch more. Think about all the games on other systems that you always wished you could play on your PSP but couldn’t. Those limitations are gone now that you’ve cracked your PSP.

Another really cool feature of a cracked PSP is the ability to play copied games. You will be able to backup all of your games right onto your PSP and launch them from there. You won’t even need to insert the UMDs for the games anymore because they will be saved right on your console.

Playing Homebrew games and applications is one of my personal favorite things I can now do with my PSP since I cracked it. In case you’re not familiar with what Homebrew means, they are basically just games and apps that people have developed themselves and made available for others to download. As opposed to companies putting them out, Homebrew games are completely driven by the individual gamers and programmers in the gaming community. There are new games and apps being made every day too, so you will never run out of choices.

Lastly, you will now be able to play imported and region locked games. For example, if a game is only available in China, but you want to play it on your PSP and you’re from the United States, you normally wouldn’t be able to. Once you’ve learned how to crack PSP, you can play any game you want no matter which country it’s originally intended for.

The additional features you get once you’ve cracked the PSP are awesome. Since I’ve unlocked my own system, I haven’t ever had more fun playing it. If you’re not already excited after reading this post about everything the PSP can do, you just need to try it for yourself and you will be hooked. Trust me.

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