The Changing Face of Game Rips

For those completely unfamiliar with the mobile game arena, a game rip is nothing as ghastly as it sounds it is merely the innocuous process of stripping down or zipping a pirated version of a game to comply with the obsolete Scene rules.

Why obsolete? Because today new rules and new size limits have cropped up in the place of the old ones. The Scene is basically a collection of warez groups which deal with copyrighted works ranging from music, games and films which are distributed freely and without any authorization by organized groups within a darknet.

Unfamiliar to an average internet user the scene members have many intricate standards and rules pertaining to the release of software and this must be adhered to in order to avoid having their releases nuked or nullified. These rules are always updated and changed in tandem with technological changes. These rules might be totally incoherent to the general public but they are the unwritten code for groups specializing in releases of rips.

A game rip is a basically game that is compressed by cutting movies, music and introductions this practice was maximum during the changeover from floppy disks to CD ROMs as a phenomenal increase in removal storage was possible but since technology and network speed at that time was mediocre game rips had to remove audio and a lot of video to make it feasible for a release through the erstwhile dial ups; this unfortunately made the games rapped to their bare minimum boring to play and the experience was akin to watching a special effects movie without the sound tracks on a black and white screen.

Gradually, with time there was a phenomenal increase in broadband speeds, cheaper prices of CD material and with file sharing protocols like Bit Torrent we can now rip a game in it’s near original context without laborious compromises. This gives us a gaming satisfaction like never before all thanks to the fast strides of modern Technology.

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