Texas Hog Hunting- Reasons For Its Popularity

There are a number of reasons why people choose Texas hog hunting. For some it is the meat that counts while for others, it is the sheer adventure and thrill involved in the entire exercise. There are few hunters who undertake this activity so that they can obtain the tusks to be kept as prized trophies. The engaging and mind boggling technique involved in it is something which many hunters find very interesting.

For instance, unlike other forms of hunting, in Texas hog hunting it involves a direct chase. There is no need to keep waiting after laying down a trap. Many hunters take along with them trained skilled dogs. These dogs come in two different categories namely baying canine and catching canine. The baying dog keeps chasing down a hog to seclusion from its herd. This way it gets distracted and it becomes easy to hunt.

Some hunter prefers using horses during their wild hog hunting. The normal practice is to surround a boar and subsequently commence hunting it with help of specialized boar spear. Exotic hunters find it an exhilarating experience to chase and then kill. However, there are some who think this approach is very cruel. It is equally interesting to know that in some instances, this type of hunting is used to bring about a good regulation in wild boar and hog population. This extreme step is taken in the areas where these animals have created a nuisance. Besides being a great nuisance, it is the reason for hurting forest creatures, livestock, pets and farming land.

In case you are busy with wild hog hunting make sure you have maintained safe distance from the animal. They have a strong ability to smell and therefore, can judge the coming of hunters near them. Because these animals do not have a tendency to go around searching for foods, it is suggested that you bait them.

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