Teach Your Kids Dolch Sight Words For Better Vocabulary

Seeing parents taking help of teaching dolch sight words to their little ones is not surprising. It is basically a list of 220 most frequently used words in English language. Their use began way back in 1940s.Though times have changed; it is still taken as a reliable indicator. It may be noted, teaching them perfectly is no guarantee that you child is a good reader. It has to be adequately supported by supplementary activities as well.

The dolch sight words are mostly taught to these first-time learners with aid of games and songs. This makes learning process very exciting, interesting and fun-filled. Having perfect ingredient such as activities and strategies is a must. Children have always been recognized as fast learners. The learning process can be made more interesting if it involves pictorial depiction of the sight words. For, children have been found to grasp better when taught something with help of pictures or images.

The human brain in tender age always seeks for relevance to place a new kind of information. Learning alphabets for children helps them in knowing the context when these are to be used. However, learning these alphabets first and subsequently use them to build words has no meaning. Use of sight words aims to get rid of this flaw.

These words play a crucial role in increasing fluency and comprehension. Learning these words and repeatedly practicing them in sentences goes to enhance fluency. Because it becomes a real challenge to teach children these words, help of images are taken. Dividing them into small groups adds to their excitement level and competitiveness. Encouraging them to play online word games instead of video games is a wise move. Regular and dedicated teaching can bear fruits in the long run when they end up being toppers in academic life in their adulthood.

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