Some Simple Ideas For Fabulous Hen Night Parties

hen night party are always lots of fun and a bunch of girls together can create havoc! But sometimes try as you might, you always end up with the same ideas of theme parties or club hopping and after one or two of your friends get married, it sort of loses its uniqueness. So here are some simple ideas to make a different kind of hen night which the bride to be will remember all her life.

Firstly, instead of wasting energy and money on the same old routine of pub hopping, organize the party at a private place. After all, you must have seen all the pubs and discs in town and private places means you can make your own rules and break them with no one to dictate you!

Secondly, instead of getting drunk and not knowing what you did, try your hand at making wonderful fruit juices and other beverages. hen parties Each girl can make her own special drink and game out of it, and it would also mean giving new ideas to the would- be bride.

Make this an occasion to go back on fond memories. Reminiscence your school and college days and surprise the bride by presenting her with a personal album full of old photographs. This means a lot to any girl as she embarks on a new life and might have to relocate to anew place altogether.

After all, parties are meant to be spontaneous and not just following rule books. At the end of the day, do what your heart tells you and you will definitely have a lovely hen party the memories of which you will cherish as you grow old.

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