Save Your Favorite Games With a Game Back Up

We all love to play games, be young or old. There is a number of variety of game cd’s  available in the stores. But the prices of game cd’s are very high. Yet still we buy it because we love to play it. But, the worser part of this is that you cannot copy the game into your computer or any other external storage device. If you loose your game cd or it gets damaged,you cannot get back the game. Once lost, its lost forever.

Copying game cd’s have been restricted with a copy encryption code. Breaking this code is essential to create a game back up. This has been made possible with game back up softwares. They are easily available online. These softwares break through the encryption and copyrights code to create a copy of your game cd. This copy can be easily saved in your computer hard drive or saved in an external storage device. To save in a cd or dvd you will need a cd writer/ dvd writer.

These game back up softwares are user friendly and easy to use unlike the earlier mod chips. Any person who knows a bit of computers can create his own back up for his games. But what should be kept in mind is, these softwares should not be used for creating illegal copies of the game cd’s. This is against law and punishable.

To create your game back up, first insert your game cd. Then run the copy software. The software will then guide you through the process. It is as Nero cd copying, but that the encoding is broken by the software itself. After the software has created the cd copy, you can easily copy in into your hard drive or in another cd or dvd using a cd/dvd writer.


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