Learn How To Copy Video Games On All Consoles

Nowadays there are a lot of people who have an active internet connection and one of the main reasons many people get one, is to communicate with their friends, handle their online businesses and of course, download movies, games and music from the internet. I presume that if you are reading this you’re likely to fall into the last category and there’s no shame to admit it. I myself fall into that category as well and I’m as proud as a soldier. Aye Commander!

One of the first things you will need to copy video games is of course, the data that needs to be burned. You choose what type of game that involves!

STEP 1. If you are using a console then you can have your video games copied by using a game backup device known as a flash cartridge or copier, as well. You can use this to backup ROM info from a video game cartridge down to a computer file called ROM image and then play them on the real hardware. Such a game backup device can have its similarities dragged down to those of a modulation chip, which is a small electronic device that can be used for disabling the built in restrictions that almost any consoles nowadays have. It’s basically a simple piece of hardware which gets to be installed in the actual gaming console facilitating the playing of copied games or the copying process of the latter.

STEP 2. If you are using a computer, then things are way simpler than those steps you have to undergo when owning a console. First, check the medium where you want to copy the game to or from. If you just want to copy a game from a CD to your hard drive like most of us do¸ then make sure the CD is cleaned properly and it has no finger prints on it or other unwanted spots. If you want to copy the game from a CD or DVD to your computer, make sure you also have enough space on your hard drive. If you are copying the files from another hard drive which is not your own, make sure the data has no virus infections and that it is not damaged.

STEP 3. If you want to learn how to copy video games from another medium like a flash stick, ipod and other storage capable devices, make sure you have the necessary cabling for those devices so that you can connect them to your computer. You won’t be getting the same speeds on some of them compared to a DVD or hard drive speed, but you will still be having your data copied. Make sure that your devices are working properly and that they are not damaged or use damaged cable connectivity for your data might get damaged or your device might fail.

With the tips above, whether this works on your game depends on many factors. Most console games now have an in built protection to stop you being able to copy or burn them. However, there is ways to get around this protection and the way to do this is with specially created SOFTWARE that not only gets around the protection, but creates a 100% perfect copy of your video game very quickly. Usually with only one click!

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