How To Make Iso Copy Of Hard Drive In Few Simple Steps?

You might have probably heard of the term iso copy. This is very common among the people who handle copying of CDs or DVDs. Iso files are referred to as the exact images of CDs or DVDs while burning or copying the content using backup software. These iso files are usually saved with the extension, ‘.iso’.

Iso copy plays a vital role in burning process in order to make the task easier and successful. There are many iso recorders also which can be easily handled even if you are not a techie.

The need for iso copy arises when one think of securing data in the hard drive. Some people prefer backing up of only certain files where as some other try to back up the whole content in hard drive. By saving the whole hard drive contents into a single iso file the backup and restore task becomes easier and reliable.

ImgBurn, Nero BackItUp etc are some of the backup software’s that uses iso image files while the backup process. The burning process is as simple as few steps. First you need to install the software. Next, open the wizard and browse the files or folders you need to make the iso image files. Also select the destination where the duplicate or iso files are to save. Once the selection is over, begin the task by clicking burn or build button. Now you are done with the important portions.

Now you can use the iso image files whenever and wherever you wish to restore the content of CDs, DVDs or hard drive. The procedures remain the same for most of the backup software. The only thing you have to confirm is about the storage space as the iso files need large space. Hence you need to check whether there is enough space in destination selected.

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