Game Copying Software – What to Look For

If you’re looking to burn video games, you’re going to need a good game copying software. With all the different software out there that claims to be able to copy video games, how do you know which ones really work and which are just scams? In this post, I will discuss all the different aspects you should look for and I will also recommend the program that I use to burn all my video games.

What to look for:

The first thing you want to make sure the program has is ease of use. Nobody wants to mess around with complicated software or have a technical background just to figure it out. You should be able to install the program, insert the game you want to copy and the disc you will be copying it onto, and let the program do the rest of the work.

Next you want to make sure that when you copy the game, it will actually play on your console. I know this sounds kinda obvious, but I have actually used a few different tools that would let me burn the games, but they wouldn’t play on my systems due to the built-in protection that is on all game systems these days. A good program will burn the games and get around this protection so you can play them without needing to mod your console.

Also, the quality of the game should be exactly the same as the original copy. What’s the point in burning a video game if the quality of the burned copy looks horrible? Look for game copying software that does perfect 1:1 copies of your games. This means the copy will be the exact same as the original.

Lastly, look for a product that has good customer support. When looking at their website, do they have an email address or some sort of support ticket service? Do they offer to walk you through the setup process in case you have any problems with it? And most importantly, do they offer a money back guarantee just in case you don’t like their product? If they can’t even stand behind their product with a guarantee, you should stay clear from them because it means that it most likely doesn’t work.

So what game copying software do we recommend?

Out of all the different products I’ve tried out, there is only one of them that has worked well for me and fits the criteria I mentioned above. It’s called Game Copy Monster and you can get it right online. It just came out so it’s fully updated to get through the latest “unbreakable” protection. It also works for all the new consoles (Xbox 360, PS2, Wii) PC, and even the older systems as long as they use CDs and not cartridges. The quality is perfect and it’s extremely easy to use. You can get to the site by clicking the link below.

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