Easier And Legal Ways To Backup Copy Protected DVDs

You might have heard of DVD privacy squads or something like that who is working to prevent misuse of copy protected DVDs. These organizations are mainly to protect the movie DVDs from being duplicated in illegal way. But the advancing technology introduces many legal software also using which we can backup copy protected DVDs.

You can now easily backup copy protected DVDs of your favorite games, software and many more. But be an honest person and try not to use this way for illegal purposes. There are many software using which the region code of protected DVDs can be decrypted and thus produce an exact copy of original version. This helps you to assure your investment on costly game DVDs and software DVDs.

Using DVD decrypter is one of the easier ways of copying protected contents. You initially need to install the DVD decrypter software online. Next you have to insert the DVD of which backup should be made. Select the source file to be duplicated and also the destination to which you have to save the copy. Just a single click on read button begins the backup process into computer hard drive.

Ripit4me is the backup software that can work only if your system contains DVD decrypter also installed in it. You can download ripit4me software online and backup copy protected DVDs in a simpler and safer way using the same steps I have explained for the DVD decrypter mode.

The only thing you have to remember is that, you need to confirm the rip settings to ‘full DVD’ mode before starting backup process. Once the task is completed, click on ‘decrypt’ button followed by ‘do it’ button so as to complete the process successfully. The backup software will work only if you have the original DVD with you.

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