How to Make Backup Copies of your PS2 Games?

Did you ever know that you can keep your PS2 games always new as it was when bought? Usually, kids get out of their mind when they get game CDs worn by playing with the same CD plenty of times. You might have wondered as to whether there is any option or a magic that can help to resolve this problem? Here are a few steps that can help you get backup copies of your PS2 games in very less time!

Yes, there are a lot of them available online but you cannot depend on every single thing is present on the web as you might end in infecting your PC as well as your game console with deadly viruses ending up in crashing your personal computer.

For this, you will have to search and select the best software available for your console. Checking online for testimonials and reviews of different software can help you grab the best option available. Make sure that the software you chose is able to pierce through any kind of sealed protection of any kind of game CDs available online.

Buying one can help you get backup copies of different game consoles like PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360. Through this process, you get access to all your favourite games right from the start and thus keeping your original CDs as brand new ones.

The steps involved in the process are very simple and anyone can get through it easily. You need not be an expert to burn the games as there will be step by step process included with the software.

Don’t waste your time thinking whether to go for backup copy software or not. You can save your money and thus keep on adding to your collection of game CDs too.

How to Crack PSP – Use a Mod Chip or Do a Software Modification?

If you want to figure out how to crack PSP, there are really only two ways it can be done. A lot of people think that using mod chips are the only way, but that’s a thing of the past now. There are actually these new applications available that are very simple to use and will crack your PSP without you ever having to open the case. I will briefly discuss both methods below.

Most people are familiar with how a mod chip works, but they don’t really consider the negative side of it. Whenever you crack open the case of your PSP, or any gaming system for that matter, you instantly void the warranty. In order to install a mod chip, the case needs to be opened meaning you no longer have a warranty on your PSP. Now you might not think that’s such a big deal, but consider the fact that it’s not uncommon to have something go wrong when you mess with the hardware in a gaming system. You could potentially brick the PSP making it not even turn on anymore. With a broken PSP and no warranty, you’re gonna have to go to the store and buy a new one.

Hardware modifications are also pretty complex and the average gamer isn’t able to figure it out. This means that you either have a higher chance of ruining something if you try to do it yourself, or you have to find someone else that knows how to mod and pay them to do it for you.

Doing a software modification on the other hand is way easier and will not void your warranty at all. It’s as simple as downloading the proper application and files, saving them to a memory stick, and uploading them into your PSP. Even if for some reason something goes wrong, you can easily uninstall the files and start over. Do you see why I highly recommend going with a softmod over a mod chip when you’re cracking your PSP?

So now that you’re more educated on the benefits to a softmod and why I think mod chips should never be used, I think you will be able to make the right decision on how to crack your PSP.

How To Copy Games In Easier And Safer Way?

This article gives you some information on how to copy games using the best methods available. Copying or burning games using any of the software is not a fine way. Only the best methods can do the job in its accuracy and give the most error free copy. This article gives you some information on how to copy Xbox 360 games successfully.

There are mainly 2 ways to copy games. One way is to copy them on to an Xbox 360 hard drive whereas another way is to backup the game on your PC. Copying games into a PC has some limitations. The game copied cannot be played unless the system contains an Xbox game console or mod chip installed.

In case of using Xbox hard drive, the matter is little easier. You can replay the copied game files whenever and wherever you wish without installing an external software or mod chip. The only thing you have to confirm while using an Xbox hard drive is whether it has enough space to store or not. Upgrading the device regularly eliminates the problems due to lack of enough space.

If your system supports applications to backup games from DVD to Xbox directly, there is nothing much to work out. The task is very user friendly and automatically creates a copy of game when we select the application.

Even though the process of copying games using PC is complicated, there is no other way other than this if you want to make a copy on a DVD or CD. In this case, an additional mod chip, burning software to write on CD or DVD, an Ethernet cable and software to make iso image files are required.

There are many study materials also available online on how to copy games; this can ease up your task.

How to Burn Video Games – Best Game Copying Software

If you want to learn how to burn video games, the first thing you need is a good game copying software. In the past, the only way it could be done is by installing a mod chip in your system. There are many reasons why you should never use a mod chip. If you’re interested in learning more about why, you can check out the post I did on them. Otherwise, you can keep reading to find out how to burn video games and what software you will need.

The best game copying programs will be able to break through the “unbreakable” protection that’s built into all the games these days, and this is the kind of program that you need to have. This allows you to play your favorite games without having to install a mod chip in your system because your system won’t even realize that it’s a copied version of the game. It will read it just like it would read a game you bought from the store.

When it comes to choosing a game copying software to burn video games, there are a few aspects you want to make sure the program has:

1.) It should make perfect 1:1 copies of your games. This just means that when you copy the game, it won’t lose any quality and will play just as good as the original did.

2.) The software should work for all game consoles. You most likely own or play a few different gaming systems so you will want a program that works for all of them.

3.) It should be easy to use and come with detailed instructions. Some programs out there make things way too complicated and then they don’t even give you directions on what you need to do. Or if they do, the instructions aren’t very clear at all and leave you with more questions than answers.

Why Game Copy Wizard?

  • Very affordable at only $29.99 (That’s half the price of a brand new game and currently 50% off.)
  • Easy to use. No need to “mod” your system. Also comes with a very illustrated instruction manual that makes it even easier to follow along.
  • Works forALL game consoles including: Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and even PC.
  • The quality of the backup copies is the same as the original game.
  • Even works for your favorite media files such as music and movies.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

As you can see, this is a program that gives you so much for the small one-time price that you pay. You will never have to spend the full price for a game ever again once you know how to burn video games with Game Copy Wizard.

I’ve used several other game copying programs in the past that I won’t mention by name and none of them worked as easily as Game Copy Wizard does. All you need to do is insert the game you want copied, run the program, and follow the instructions that come up on the screen. After that, the game will be saved to your computer and all that’s left to do is copy it to a DVD.

There is also a full video tutorial provided to walk you through the entire process!

This was very helpful for me because I’m not good with all the technical stuff that comes along with computers and if you’re like me, this program makes it very easy to copy video games.

So if you’re ready to learn how to burn video games and want to stop wasting money on new games, download yourself a copy of Game Copy Wizard now. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Game Copying Software – What to Look For

If you’re looking to burn video games, you’re going to need a good game copying software. With all the different software out there that claims to be able to copy video games, how do you know which ones really work and which are just scams? In this post, I will discuss all the different aspects you should look for and I will also recommend the program that I use to burn all my video games.

What to look for:

The first thing you want to make sure the program has is ease of use. Nobody wants to mess around with complicated software or have a technical background just to figure it out. You should be able to install the program, insert the game you want to copy and the disc you will be copying it onto, and let the program do the rest of the work.

Next you want to make sure that when you copy the game, it will actually play on your console. I know this sounds kinda obvious, but I have actually used a few different tools that would let me burn the games, but they wouldn’t play on my systems due to the built-in protection that is on all game systems these days. A good program will burn the games and get around this protection so you can play them without needing to mod your console.

Also, the quality of the game should be exactly the same as the original copy. What’s the point in burning a video game if the quality of the burned copy looks horrible? Look for game copying software that does perfect 1:1 copies of your games. This means the copy will be the exact same as the original.

Lastly, look for a product that has good customer support. When looking at their website, do they have an email address or some sort of support ticket service? Do they offer to walk you through the setup process in case you have any problems with it? And most importantly, do they offer a money back guarantee just in case you don’t like their product? If they can’t even stand behind their product with a guarantee, you should stay clear from them because it means that it most likely doesn’t work.

So what game copying software do we recommend?

Out of all the different products I’ve tried out, there is only one of them that has worked well for me and fits the criteria I mentioned above. It’s called Game Copy Monster and you can get it right online. It just came out so it’s fully updated to get through the latest “unbreakable” protection. It also works for all the new consoles (Xbox 360, PS2, Wii) PC, and even the older systems as long as they use CDs and not cartridges. The quality is perfect and it’s extremely easy to use. You can get to the site by clicking the link below.

Everything about Nero Copy

Nero copy is a tool, which is nowadays highly used to copy the datas from one cd to another or from cd to hard disk, etc. Nero is used to copy entire DVD- Video, copy multiple DVD or Video movies or game to one, copy DVD or video movies or games to CD, backup files, restore back up files, schedule backups, Burn image to disc, Backup hard disc and much more. Nero has lots of application that makes the Nero something different from others. Any digital media task which is related to PC and television can be solved through this product. Day by day, this product is updating so that there are new features are adding up with the existing features. Nero 7 is the latest updated version of Nero which is capable to meet all the technical requirements needed by the customers.The compatibility and the reliability of this product are high.

With Nero copy you can easily take with the photos, videos or movies at any where. The surround sound quality of Nero is high, the clarity of the full screen size video player is amazing, and it supports MPEG-4. It also provides chapter navigation and subtitles, media library through this you can compress and convert your media files easily. Nero also helps you to create bootable CDs and DVDs and suppose if you are working on a video and you want to create a shadow copy Nero easily do it for you. Also it can be compressed to file mobile, Home Theater, HDTV standards, PDAs, can capture, edit and export High-Definition Video files, the Dolby channel encoding etc. If you want to make a slide document that can also possible by combining the photo and videos.

Using Nero Copy, the pictures can be edited to correct the red eye, can be crop or rotate and many more things can be do. It includes quick search option through those video, photos, games etc can be easily accessible from the directories. Nero copy is one of the best dvd, cd copy software available today. This can be also used to convert play station, Xbox games to many other formats.


Easier And Legal Ways To Backup Copy Protected DVDs

You might have heard of DVD privacy squads or something like that who is working to prevent misuse of copy protected DVDs. These organizations are mainly to protect the movie DVDs from being duplicated in illegal way. But the advancing technology introduces many legal software also using which we can backup copy protected DVDs.

You can now easily backup copy protected DVDs of your favorite games, software and many more. But be an honest person and try not to use this way for illegal purposes. There are many software using which the region code of protected DVDs can be decrypted and thus produce an exact copy of original version. This helps you to assure your investment on costly game DVDs and software DVDs.

Using DVD decrypter is one of the easier ways of copying protected contents. You initially need to install the DVD decrypter software online. Next you have to insert the DVD of which backup should be made. Select the source file to be duplicated and also the destination to which you have to save the copy. Just a single click on read button begins the backup process into computer hard drive.

Ripit4me is the backup software that can work only if your system contains DVD decrypter also installed in it. You can download ripit4me software online and backup copy protected DVDs in a simpler and safer way using the same steps I have explained for the DVD decrypter mode.

The only thing you have to remember is that, you need to confirm the rip settings to ‘full DVD’ mode before starting backup process. Once the task is completed, click on ‘decrypt’ button followed by ‘do it’ button so as to complete the process successfully. The backup software will work only if you have the original DVD with you.

Copy Xbox 360 Games Easily Without Being A Tech Wizard!

Looking to copy Xbox 360 games easily?

If so, you can, and without having to know anything technical!

Xbox 360 games are getting more and more expensive. The new titles are costing huge sums to purchase and with it, comes the danger of losing money if they suddenly stop working, or worse still become lost.

These are the main reasons many come searching for a way to copy Xbox 360 games easily, to avoid having to shell out more money on the same game when it becomes lost or dead.

So, how do you copy Xbox 360 games without being a tech genius?

Well, first off, you can’t simply copy or backup Xbox 360 games by firing them into a rewriter with a blank disc and hitting copy. You see, games developers place very strict copyright protectors onto their games to avoid games being copied.

However, software developers worldwide have managed to develop software that can not only get around these copyright protectors placed on Xbox 360 games but also create identical copies of the games for you.

In fact, in most cases, you simply pop in the discs, hit start and let the software copy Xbox 360 games for you. There is no need to work out any technical stuff or jargon, just simply let the software do its thing.

Different types of software to aid in backing up and copying Xbox 360 games are available all over the net, but some of them require more work than is necessary on your part, and in some cases does require you to know a little on the techie side.

However, they do not all require this, there are software’s out there that do the work for you, allowing regular Joe’s with no experience in copying Xbox 360 games, the opportunity to backup your collection and in turn save you money on having to re-purchase games just because they become lost or broken.