Accessorizing With Privileged Golf Cart Parts

The gentleman’s game is called so not just because of its patrons but also because of the privileges it provides. The game of golf extends from plush lawns to mighty terrains, from mere yards to great acres. In such conditions, where walking from one hole to another becomes a tedious task, we have the cozy golf carts. And these golf carts are luxuries of the ultra-privileged class. And as with every vehicle they can be customized and stylized with golf cart accessories and parts.

Golf carts are usually electric-powered. They are lightweight and are simple in their built. They are compact and cause less friction. A low end golf cart may just be a two-seater whereas a high-end model may include seats for 4 or above. A major contributor in the manufacture of golf carts is Club Car. Club Car manufactures two types of golf carts:

  1. The Precedent i2L
  2. The Precedent i2

While Club Car also manufactures accessories, other companies have also included it in their portfolio. Some of these are EZGO and Yamaha. Golf cart accessories help improve the overall performance of the vehicle. These accessories include:

  1. Replacement batteries – These are long life batteries that are reliable and user-friendly.
  2. Speed enhancers
  3. Wheels and Tires – These vary in sizes depending on the terrain and type of golf cart used. Custom wheels are very popular golf cart parts that are added to the cart. Low profile wheels are used for carts without lift kits which are mainly used to drive around the golf course.
  4. Lift kits – They expand the performance and functionality of the car.
  5. Seats and seat covers and many more

Usage of golf carts may be minimal if not on a typical golf course. Therefore, golf cart accessories may be extensively used where golf carts are in demand such as in businesses and commercial tracks such as universities and colleges. Therefore, investment in golf carts and buggies is high in such places. These are used almost everyday and need good maintenance.

Depending on its usage golf cart accessories and parts need to be purchased. Where one part may be used for one terrain another may be the opposite. So whether it is used for golf, hunting, home, beach or just around the neighborhood, golf cart parts and accessories come in handy for that extra performance or ego boost.