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Boomerang can be defined as a curve shaped flying tool that is often used for hunting animals and birds. However, it served as an effective weapon during the past days and still today, its use can be seen within different parts of Australia, Mexico, and Arizona. People residing within the hills and mountain are often seen carrying these tools, necessarily as a weapon. These days, they are also used for gaming and sports purpose.

Boomerang in Australia is quite popular. Till date, you will find those traditional wooden ones in gaming stores. However, the wooden boomerangs are quite expensive in price. The cheaper substitutes are made from high quality plastics. They are available in different shape and sizes. They are extremely popular among the nomads and tribes. People residing in the hilly regions prefer to use this sort of a device as a necessary tool for self-defense.

While you try to buy boomerang, it is necessary to make the store keeper clear about the requirement for specific type. There are two different types of boomerangs available in the market. One type returns back to the thrower after hitting the target while the other does not have such a feature.

These days, the boomerangs are mostly used for sports purpose. There are different designs available and the tools have become much lighter than they used to be. Boomerang throwing competition is held in Australia every year. It’s quite a popular sport in there.

There are plenty of stores available online where these throwing devices are available on sale. Both the traditional heavier ones as well modern sized boomerangs are available. Be it wood or plastic, all types are available at attractive rates. If you are eager to have one such device in possession, then why not visit these stores to purchase while being in the comfort of your home!

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