Adventurous game with Wakeboards

A game called wakeboarding has its history not so long ago. A few decades back in 1980, a special board was conceptualized and designed for towing by the snow boarders of Australia and New Zealand. The board was then given to Queenslander Jeff Darby and his friends. They started developing what was known as skurfers for the purpose of skurfing in collaboration with another designer on the team, Tony Finn. A few years later in 1984, Howard Jacobs modified the board along with creating minor adjustments to the sport. Thus, with the creation of what is known as wakeboards, the game of wakeboarding was invented and played in its earliest forms on the St. John’s River in Jacksonville located in Florida, USA.

The sport was gradually popularized among adventure enthusiasts. They were hooked in by the utter thrill and the adventure that the game had the potential for. This water sport is played with riders on their wakeboards being towed by a motor boat. The wakeboards are usually manufactured form honey comb or foam so that the riders can achieve maximum buoyancy on the water. Resin is also mixed for strength and then they are coated with fiber glass. The speed of the towing boat remains somewhere between 17-25 miles per hour, although it depends on a multiplicity of factors like the size of the board, the weight of the rider, his skills and comfort level and also the conditions of the waters.

The game is designed for the enjoyment of maximum thrill and adventure. During the wake of the boat, the rider usually performs a jump to about 15-20 feet and maneuver back on the board as the boat is straight again. This adds the fun element to this game. The wakeboards also comes with fins and other bindings. These kinds of water sports calls for special watches like a Nixon watch. Wearing your Nixon watch would resist damages from water even at high speeds.

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